K9 Warrior Kennels

Breeding From The Best Working KNPV Dutch Shepherd Bloodlines

K9 Warrior Kennels is a small family owned kennel in Los Angeles California. Our goal is to breed Dutch shepherds with excellant character combined with beauty. Are aim is to showcase the Dutch shepherd to a higher level in the dogsport world. That is to say, to such a level that this pure Dutch-bred breed can compete with Belgian, French and German working dog breeds, both nationaly and internationally.

 Our goal is to improve the breed, not to merely expand it in numbers.

In order to accomplish the latter mentioned the following points should be taken into consideration:

a. Dogs suitable for breeding:
The dogs which are to be used for breeding must match up to a number of demands concerning the standard, health and character of the breed.

Breeding female:
In our opinion the female is more important for the progeny than the male. Therefore we try to use females which possess a stable and social character. One of the conditions is that the dog should be well built combined with the qualities which we want in a working dog such as:

good protection drive
fetch drive/pray drive
tracking drive
willingness to comply
high pain tolerance

Breeding studs:
The same demands as for females, if the studdog has proven that he passes on his dominant genes regarding character and exterior. In such case, the stud can be used with a female of lesser quality.

To conclude, the foundation must be present, both male and female must possess hereditary qualities. These qualitities must be suitable for training.

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